Rod Inman CFP®

(204) 612-4526

I am a Certified Financial Planner® dually licensed to offer both Mutual Funds (2005) and Insurance Products (2005). My background includes almost 30 years in emergency services and now 14 years in Financial Services. I offer a comprehensive service with tax advice, expert life & living benefit insurance advice, estate & succession strategies, retirement planning and investment advice. No commissions or fees are charged to purchase, sell, redeem or switch funds. I use "No Load" funds in order to allow my clients the flexibility they need to make changes without cost. In addition, I offer Family Pricing. My Family Pricing model totals the balance of a client’s portfolio + any family member/s portfolios and offers the lower MER-expense fee to ALL family member investments. By utilizing funds that have a “fee for service" structure and an Advisor Agreement (where available) I lower their total fees so that their account can grow a little more.