Holistic WealthManagement

De Thomas Wealth Management is privately-owned firm that has provided clients with objective and unbiased financial services for over 30 years. As an independent firm with no ties to any outside institutions, we are able to provide truly custom tailored solutions for each of our clients and always act in their best interest. We provide holistic wealth management services and work with clients to build a solid foundation in order to help achieve their financial goals.


years in business


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offices all across Canada


We focus on factors that we can control.

We do not pick stocks or try and time
the market. We focus on diversified asset allocation, minimizing fees and taxes
and maintaining investment discipline.

Portfolio Management

Private Wealth

Advisory services designed for High Net Worth investors with greater than $5 million of investable assets. We deliver an exceptional level of wealth management advisory services that are tailored to address the distinct financial solutions required by our clients.

Planning & Insurance

Tax planning, Estate Planning, Education Planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning. Let professionals help you plan your life.

Portfolio Review

We provide a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation of your current investment portfolio. Our in-depth review is based on Nobel Prize-winning academic research and is designed to determine if your current investment portfolio is properly structured to achieve your financial goals. Our goal is to provide you with a valuable, objective evaluation - with no pressure.

Why us?

Premium Services

We provide our clients with quarterly performance reporting, regular meetings, financial planning, and ongoing financial advice.

Unbiased Advice

Our independence means that our advice is never motivated by commissions or incentives from outside influences or financial products.


We understand that everyone has unique needs and goals.

We take pride in provinding advice that is tailored specifically to each individual client.

Our philosophy

Whether you are investing for your retirement, looking to grow your net worth, or saving for your child’s education, we believe your best chance of success is to work with an independent financial advisor at De Thomas Wealth Management. By working with us you will gain peace

of mind knowing that the advice and recommendations you receive

are tailored specifically to meet your needs and are always in your best interest. The advice from our independent advisors is not restricted

by any form of corporate mandate limiting what investment products or services can be offered to our clients.

At De Thomas, we provide our Advisors with the tools they need to offer the highest quality guidance and advice to investors. That means everything we do revolves around fostering independence and helping our advisors deliver the best financial products, services and financial counsel to their clients.

Want exceptional service?

Plan a meeting to learn how we deliver the elevated experience you expect. 

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Reach us to discuss your needs and get the help

of our advisors. You can use the form to the right,

schedule a meeting, or learn about our offices.

Tel: 905-731-9800
Fax: 905-731-9759
Toll Free: 877-422-9622

Head Office
9033 Leslie Street, Unit1
Richmond Hill ON L4B 4K3

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