Portfolio Review

Gain peace of mind about your portfolio and Financial Plan

At De Thomas Wealth Management we provide a complimentary, no obligation evaluation of your current investment portfolio. Our in-depth review is based on Nobel Prize-winning academic research and is designed to determine if your current investment portfolio is properly structured to achieve your financial goals. Our goal is to provide you with a valuable, objective evaluation - with no pressure.  

Is your portfolio tax-efficient?

Tax efficiency depends on the type of investments held in various accounts, tax-reporting methodology, trading, and the use of tax-loss harvesting. If your portfolio is not as tax-efficient, you are losing money simply due to paying unnecessary excess taxes. 

Is your portfolio well diversified? 

Do you know the asset allocation of your portfolio? Poor diversification could diminish your portfolio's risk-adjusted return. Diversifying across multiple markets and asset classes historically has provided a better risk-adjusted return over the long term.

Do you understand all of the fees and expenses you pay?

Most Canadians do not understand or know the cost of their investment portfolio. Fees can include the expense ratio of the investment, advisory fees, or transactions charges. We focus on reducing fees as much as possible, and since we do not charge any trading or commission fees of any kind, the only fee you pay is for our professional advice and services - which ensures that more money stays in your pocket. 

Do you understand the level of risk in your portfolio?

Generally, the level of risk can be gauged by the percentage of your portfolio that is made up of equities (stocks and funds owning stocks) versus fixed income investments (cash and bonds). Are you aware of what your overall portfolio risk is? 

If you were unsure about the answers to any of these questions it's time to make a change.

Complete the information below and attach your statement(s). We will review your investments and provide our analysis within 24 hours.

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