Portfolio Management

The returns of the markets depend on numerous factors, some of which can be controlled by investors. However, far too many investors focus on the factors that they cannot control: market predictions, the economy, interest rates, or the performance of an individual sector or strategy.

De Thomas Wealth Management's investment philosophy is based on scientific research, not unreliable forecasting or investment fads. There is overwhelming academic evidence that stock picking and market timing do not add value to investment returns: the smartest approach to investing is to try and capture the returns of the global markets. Our strategies are based on the work of distinguished academics, including Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago and Kenneth French of Dartmouth College.

We believe in using proven investment theories.


Investors are rewarded for taking risk in the equity and bond markets, but not for the risk of holding individual securities. By building portfolios with thousands of stocks and bonds we are able to capture the returns of the markets with less volatility.

Portfolio Structure

Asset allocation—not picking stocks or timing the market—accounts for most of the performance in a diversified investment strategy. Our portfolios have long-term asset allocation targets and are rebalanced when necessary.

Minimize Fees

Investors only keep net returns, so every dollar saved is a dollar earned. We use low-cost products and manage portfolios in a tax-efficient way to make sure clients keep as much as possible.

While our principles of investing do not eliminate the risk of market loss, they do help you focus on the factors that you can control, which we believe gives you the greatest chance of long-term investing success. We pride ourselves in helping our clients understand the “why's and how’s” of investing, and our goal is to provide our clients with information that they can easily understand. We believe that this knowledge will provide a sense of security and show that we are committed to building a lifelong relationship with our clients.

Unlike many wealth management firms attempt to add value with forecasts and guesswork, we add value for our clients by focusing on what we can control.