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With no sales quotas, conflicts or competing interests, everything that we do revolves around fostering independence and helping our advisors deliver the best financial products, services and counsel to their clients. Our Advisors are free to provide advice that's free from unwanted influences or corporate distractions, resulting in a superior alignment between your clients and the structure your practice. We recognize the value of your advice to clients. At our firm, you're the one who chooses which, and the extent to which, investments and services may be suitable to recommend to your clients.


Forefront of Technology


At De Thomas Wealth, we embrace innovation, value the importance of investing in technology, and believe in having the best of what’s available for our clients and advisors. Our firm has been a leader in providing our advisors and clients with the best-in-class technology and platforms. With a fully automated digital client onboarding system, a web-based back-office system and a mobile application client portal, our advisors now have more time to focus on their clients and building their business.


Support to Build Your Business


At De Thomas Wealth we understand that you have a personal and unique relationship with your clients. Our focus is to help enhance your client relationships and provide the support you need to grow your business. Financial advisors often find themselves constrained by the business models or corporate mandates under which they operate. At De Thomas Wealth our Advisors have the autonomy to independently choose the appropriate investments and services to offer clients and deliver impartial advice. With a vast product offering available to all advisors, our focus is to provide you with the tools necessary to help you support your clients.



Streamlined Portfolio Management


Our innovative software allows our advisors to streamline and manage all their client investment portfolios, across all client profiles and investment objectives, with ease and precision. Our portfolio modeling tool allows our advisors to create custom investment portfolios across multiple fund companies, which has an automated re-balancing feature as well as performance data.


Electronic Documents and Digital Signatures


De Thomas Wealth was one of the first MFDA dealers to introduce digital signatures to allow for timely and efficient document processing. We have continued to enhance this service and have introduced a variety of other digital services to enhance both the advisor and client experience. All regulatory required documents are available via electronic means, which include client statements, Fund Facts, a web-based repository (that is pre-filled with client data) of all trade tickets and application forms, as well as a cloud client document storage system to allow for secure document storage.


Industry Leading Compensation


We understand the costs that are required to ensure Advisors can provide their clients with the highest level of wealth management services. We provide our advisors with industry leading compensation, which includes a cap on fees that are charged.




Fee Based Model


Our advisors have the option to offer clients a customised Fee Based model, utilizing both F series mutual funds and ETFs. Advisors can offer a Fee Based model for both client name and intermediary held accounts.











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