Portfolio management

The returns of the markets depend on numerous factors, some of which can be controlled by investors. However, far too many investors focus on the factors that they cannot control: market predictions, the economy, interest rates, or the performance of an individual sector or strategy. 



De Thomas Wealth Management's investment philosophy is based on scientific research, not unreliable forecasting or investment fads. There is overwhelming academic evidence that stock picking and market timing do not add value to investment returns: the smartest approach to investing is to try and capture the returns of the global markets. Our strategies are based on the work of distinguished academics, including Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago and Kenneth French of Dartmouth College.

We believe in using proven investment theories.

Investors are rewarded for taking risk in the equity and bond markets, but not for the risk of holding individual securities. By building portfolios with thousands of stocks and bonds we are able to capture the returns of the markets with less volatility.


Asset allocation—not picking stocks

or timing the market—accounts for most of the performance in a diversified investment strategy. Our portfolios have long-term asset allocation targets and are rebalanced when necessary.

Portfolio Structure

Investors only keep net returns, so every dollar saved is a dollar earned. We use low-cost products and manage portfolios in a tax-efficient way to make sure clients keep as much as possible.

Minimize Fees

While our principles of investing do not eliminate the risk of market loss, they do help you focus on the factors that you can control, which we believe gives you the greatest chance of long-term investing success. We pride ourselves in helping our clients understand the “why's and how’s” of investing, and our goal is to provide our clients with information that they can easily understand. We believe that this knowledge will provide a sense of security and show that we are committed to building a lifelong relationship with our clients.

Unlike many wealth management firms attempt to add value with forecasts and guesswork, we add value for our clients by focusing on what we can control.


Private wealth

De Thomas Private Wealth is an advisory service designed for High Net Worth investors with greater than $5 million of investable assets. De Thomas Private Wealth delivers an exceptional level of wealth management advisory services which are tailored to address the distinct financial solutions required by our clients.


We have built an exceptional team of Certified Financial Planners with over 30 years of experience in order to deliver the exceptional experience and services that you expect.


We work closely with high-net-worth individuals, families and select foundations to develop personalized wealth and investment strategies. We take the time to thoroughly develop a very close relationship with our clients and listen to their needs, goals and priorities. Together, we partner with them to develop custom-tailored wealth and investment strategy.

Personal Approach

We can’t control the markets, but we can control how much you pay in fees. We focus on reducing fees as much as possible, and since we do not charge any trading or commission fees of any kind, the only fee you pay is for our professional advice and services – which is significantly lower than the industry average. Depending on the amount of investable assets and services offered, our tiered fee structure on average is 50% lower than other firms.

Lower Fees

All client accounts are held with a third-party custodian, B2B Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Laurentian Bank of Canada. This means that De Thomas has no access to any client funds and as such, in the highly unlikely event of our firms insolvency, creditors have no claim to our clients assets; which are covered (within defined limits) by the MFDA Investor Protection Fund.


Investing can evoke emotions that could disrupt the plans and sabotage returns of even the most sophisticated investors. We believe investors can counter such emotions with a disciplined investment process. Our investment portfolio services utilize a systematic approach to investing based on the principles of asset allocation, diversification and long-term thinking, not market forecasts or emotion. Your advisory team will prevent you from making any impulsive decisions that may sabotage your investment returns.

Disciplined Investment Process

Creating and managing your investment portfolio is just the beginning of the services we provide. As a client of De Thomas Private Wealth, your advisory team can call on all the resources needed to help you develop fully integrated wealth management solutions. These solutions encompass retirement planning, education funding, financial security for your family, estate planning, charitable giving, tax management, and many other key areas required to successfully manage your finances.

Fully integrated Solutions


Planning & Insurance

Tax planning, Estate Planning, Education Planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning. Let professionals help you plan your life.


Preserve your wealth for future generations! We help you navigate the complex decisions of estate planning and protect your wealth by recommending tax-efficient strategies designed specifically for your personal tax obligations.

Tax & Estate planning

Whether you are already retired, or will be retiring in the near future, we will help you build a comprehensive retirement plan so you can enjoy the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Retirement Planning

Children's education is one of the biggest cash outflows for families. We will help you plan for increasing costs of education and provide you with the peace of mind that your children will be able to pursue their dreams

Education Planning

Life Insurance

Protect yourself and your family. Includes Term Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance or Universal Life Insurance.

Protect your income and your lifestyle.

Includes Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance or Long-Term Care Insurance.

Health Insurance


Portfolio review

Gain peace of mind about your portfolio and Financial Plan


At De Thomas Wealth Management we provide a complimentary, no obligation evaluation 

of your current investment portfolio. Our in-depth review is based on Nobel Prize-winning academic research and is designed to determine if your current investment portfolio is properly structured to achieve your financial goals. Our goal is to provide you with a valuable, objective evaluation - with no pressure.  

Gain peace of mind about your portfolio

Tax efficiency depends on the type of investments held in various accounts, tax-reporting methodology, trading, and the use of tax-loss harvesting. If your portfolio is not as tax-efficient, you are losing money simply due to paying unnecessary excess taxes. 

Is your portfolio tax-efficient?

Do you know the asset allocation of your portfolio? Poor diversification could diminish your portfolio's risk-adjusted return. Diversifying across multiple markets and asset classes historically has provided a better risk-adjusted return over the long term.

Is your portfolio well diversified? 

Most Canadians do not understand or know the cost of their investment portfolio. Fees can include the expense ratio of the investment, advisory fees, or transactions charges. We focus on reducing fees as much as possible, and since we do not charge any trading or commission fees of any kind, the only fee you pay is for our professional advice and services - which ensures that more money stays in your pocket. 

Do you understand all of the fees and expenses you pay?

Generally, the level of risk can be gauged by the percentage of your portfolio that is made up of equities (stocks and funds owning stocks) versus fixed income investments (cash and bonds). Are you aware of what your overall portfolio risk is? 

Do you understand the level of risk in your portfolio?

If you were unsure about the answers to any of these questions
it's time to make a change.


Contact us free, no obligation second opinion?

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