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Pay Down Debt or Invest?

Should you pay off yoru debt or start investing? Use our calculator to help determine what is best for you and the cost/benefit of each option. 

Diversify to Protect your Portfolio

Witness the power of investment diversification. 


During the financial crisis a non-diversified all stock portoflio fell by over 40% in a 9 month period. A diversified portofli omade up of 1/3 stocks, 1/3 bonds and 1/3 cash declined by only 11.5% over the save period.  

Staying Invested

The effect of missing a few of the best performaning months can have be extremely costly to your investment returns. 


Our calcultor demonstrates how trying to time when to be in and our of the market is almost impossible. 


Power of Patience

As the expression goes, "patience is a virtue". Nowhere is this more true than in the world of investing. 


As your investment holding period gets longer the returns become consistently more positive. Our calculator has over 75 years of market data. 

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Portfolio Growth and Asset Allocation

Compare the performance of a diversified portoflio to a portoflio made up of either all stocks, all bonds or cash, using historical rates of return for any period between 1940 and 2015. 

Start Investing Early

Waiting will cost you. Regular contributions add up quickly. The first step in making your RRSP savings grow is to start contributing early in your working career.

How long will your money last?

Are you currently withdrawing money from your investment account? Are you concenered how long your investments will last? Compare withdrawal scenarios side by side by changing key variables. 

Savings Growth Over Time

Making regular contributions is one of the best ways to accumulate wealth. Use our calculator to esitimate the future value of your savings or investment accounts. 

Time to Recover from a Market Correction

Historically, markets have rebounded strongly after a market correction. 

Exlcuding the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, global stock markets have increased by an average of 35.% during the first 12 months follwoing the end of a bear market. 


Although there is no guarantee that history will repeat itself, the odds are in your favour if you are a long-term investor. 

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