Time for Value to Shine?

KEY TAKEAWAYS After the longest run of outperformance of growth stocks ever, we think value may be poised for a comeback. Value stocks may be supported by accelerating economic growth, attractive relative valuations, and the potential for improved financials sector performance. We expect modest value outperformance over the balance of the year. When will value have its day in the sun? The growth style’s historic run of outperformance has continued this year, despite the emergence of several drivers that have traditionally served as catalysts for value stock outperformance. Generally, value stocks benefit from an economic growth tailwind, whereas growth stocks tend to be more in favor when th

Making decisions based on past performance works...except when it doesn't

Shortly after the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony, I started thinking ahead to the 2022 Winter Olympics. Will Canada repeat its record medal haul? Will Russia dominate figure skating again? Will Norway and Germany win the most medals again? My questions reflected a deep-rooted acceptance that past performance is key to forecasting future events. Consider this: Germany has placed first or second in the medal count in seven of the eight Winter Olympics held since 1992. Drawing on past performance to make inferences about the Olympic medal count is an approach you can apply to other situations, like picking a restaurant. (Why risk eating at a bad restaurant when diners' recommendations an

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